is to promote Freestyle and Greco Roman wrestling in
Central New York while educating our wrestlers and staff.


Our vision is to promote Freestyle and Greco Roman wrestling in Central New York while educating our wrestlers and staff. We achieve this through employing seasoned and diverse coaches and clinicians and integrate this with what we pick up along the way during our trips and adventures. Venturing outside of Central New York exposes our wrestlers to different styles of wrestling including various techniques and moves. Additionally whenever we travel outside of our home area we make sure to educate everyone on the history and culture of where we are. This may include visiting castles, universities, museums, government agencies, being guests at social gatherings and more. We provide these experiences that last a lifetime at an affordable rate. In addition to the practices twice a week and competing at tournaments many of these experiences are made available through Mohawk Valley’s International team. Our International team is operated separate from the Club, however is primarily staffed and filled with Club members who all pay their own fees to go on the trips. Every year our International Team typically travels to Europe (although we have been known to go to Asia) and Puerto Rico (weather permitting).

Many parents ask why their son or daughter would be interested in or how would they benefit from Mohawk Valley Wrestling Club and competing in Freestyle and Greco Roman wrestling. The two main advantages of wrestling Freestyle and Greco Roman are; positioning and adding more moves to their arsenal. Just like college requires students to choose a major and then take several other courses to graduate, wrestling is no different. We are the only country that wrestles Folkstyle (which would be considered our major), however our Olympic styles of wrestling are Freestyle and Greco Roman and are known and wrestled worldwide. Most of the wrestlers that excel at the state level and almost every single wrestler that excels at the national, international and collegiate level wrestle either or both Freestyle and Greco Roman wrestling. At Mohawk Valley our wrestlers are trained and coached by the areas top performers. Our Club draws from all over Section 3 and into neighboring Sections, which means there are a lot more practice partners to wrestle with that also have different styles of wrestling. Our Club collects one fee up front that covers practices twice a week from the end of February to the end of May and some separate scheduled practices during the summer and fall in preparation for the tournaments that we attend then. In addition to the onetime fee we collect, the membership also covers entry into the tournaments listed below. The success of our club has always been from the great participation that we get from the local wrestling coaches and parents (both of present and past Club members). We have always had the privilege of having parents that are willing to carpool with other club members assisting those that are in need of transportation to the many tournaments that we compete in.